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Ivan Fadeev
Ivan Fadeev

Encyclopedia Of German Tanks Of World War Two: ... BEST

Under the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler, Germany pursued a major mobilization or rearmament, or a build-up of weapons, program from 1935 to 1939. It applied lessons learned from the earlier war in its mobilization plans for World War II. Some of the last major battles of World War I showed that tanks and airplanes had become key weapons in waging war. As a result, massive offensive attacks became much more effective. Mechanization of the military, therefore, was the key to Germany's future war strategy. By 1939 the German air force, known as the Luftwaffe, was the most modern, efficient, and well equipped in the world. The mass-produced German armored tanks would become a key part of the World War II blitzkriegs, or rapid-hitting offensive attacks. The German tank divisions had no equal in Europe at that time.

Encyclopedia of German Tanks of World War Two: ...

American industrial genius, unmatched throughout the world in the solution of production problems, has been called upon to bring its resources and its talents into action. Manufacturers of watches, farm implements, linotypes, cash registers, automobiles, sewing machines, lawn mowers and locomotives are now making fuses, bomb packing crates, telescope mounts, shells, pistols, and tanks. 041b061a72

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