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Nurarihyon No Mago Episode 19

A 24-episode anime adaptation produced by Studio Deen was broadcast in Japan from July to December 2010. A 24-episode second season, titled Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan - Demon Capital, was broadcast from July to December 2011.

Nurarihyon no Mago Episode 19


The second half of the episode is not as interesting as it focuses on Yura conversing with Rikuo as she tries to make head or tail of what she has found out as well as a flashback of Nurarihyon. The episode ends at the flashback.

It was nice to see Ryuuji being less of an ass this episode. Sure he still has his prejudice against the yokais, but he did not finish them off when he could. Then again, that would be the end of the series if he did do that =p. I actually thought that Ryuuji was pretty cool this episode and I hope that Rikuo and Ryuuji will fighting along side each other soon.

The flashback scene was very anti-climatic though probably essential for me as the first half of the episode would get your blood pumping but the flashback kinda made you calm down and destroyed the excitement from the first scene. That seems to be opposite to what the usual pace would be, which is to buildup to a climax, but we had this episode on its head and had the climax followed by a flashback. That being said, the flashback scene was still alot fun to watch.

I feel like the episode (and whole plot) was rushing quite a bit. In any other Jump anime, the mind-reading fight and Seimei's backstory can easily take up one episode each and instead it feels like 3 episodes with separate climaxes squeezed into one and thus takes away from the overall impact of each. In addition the animation was pretty static. However agree with the nice art though, especially the sumi-e Rajoumon (definitely not based on the Rashomon ;P) along with a good mood setting BGM.

This is one time I mourn that anime is now split into clear-cut cours with tight episode counts. The Shikoku arc is too short to last 26 episodes (hence all the fillers) while the Kyoto arc needed to be severely condensed to fit 26 episodes. 041b061a72

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