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Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi 3 Full Movie In Hindi Hd Download

Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi 3 full movie in hindi hd download

Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi 3 is the third installment of the comedy drama film series Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi, which started in 2015. The film is directed by Fauzia Arshi and produced by Santosh Bhartiya and Fauzia Arshi for Daily Multimedia Limited. The film stars Kader Khan, Om Puri, Raajpal Yadav, Sanjay Mishra, Razak Khan, Vijay Patkar, Amita Nangia, Chitrashi Rawat, Bunty Chopra, Subhash Yadav, Danish Bhat and Amit J. The film is expected to release in October 2023, coinciding with the eighth anniversary of the first film.


The plot of the film revolves around the hilarious situations that arise when the three sons of Ishwar Singh Chauhan (Kader Khan) - Harry, Inder and Veeru (HIV) - try to get back their ancestral haveli from Mirza Kishan Singh Joseph (Om Puri) and his family, who have been living there for years. Along the way, they encounter various characters such as Masala (Raajpal Yadav), a street-smart conman who helps them with tips and tricks; Aashiq Ali Advocate (Sanjay Mishra), a lawyer who takes up their case; Teeli Bhai (Razak Khan), a don who has a soft corner for HIV; Mujjee (Amita Nangia), Mirza's wife who has a crush on Harry; Sara (Chitrashi Rawat), Mirza's daughter who falls in love with Veeru; and Pauwwa (Subhash Yadav), Mirza's son who is obsessed with Inder.

The film is a slapstick comedy that promises to tickle the funny bones of the audience with its witty dialogues, hilarious situations and comic timing of the actors. The film also features some catchy songs composed by Fauzia Arshi and sung by popular singers like Mika Singh, Kunal Ganjawala, Ritu Pathak, Fauzia Arshi and Kailash Kher. The film is a tribute to the late Kader Khan, who passed away in 2018, and Om Puri, who passed away in 2017. The film also marks the comeback of Razak Khan, who had suffered a heart attack in 2016.

The film is eagerly awaited by the fans of the series, who have enjoyed the previous two films. The first film Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi was released in 2015 and received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. The film was praised for its fresh and original comedy and its ensemble cast. The second film Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi 2 was released in 2018 and was also well-received by the viewers. The film continued the story of HIV and their quest to reclaim their haveli from Mirza and his family. The film also introduced some new characters like Gabbar (Heaven), a dog who becomes HIV's loyal companion; Bawle (Vijay Patkar), a police inspector who chases HIV; and Imran Khan, who made a special appearance as himself.

The third film Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi 3 is expected to be bigger and better than the previous two films. The film has been shot in various locations like Mumbai, Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. The film also features some stunning action sequences and stunts performed by the actors themselves. The film is slated to release on October 16, 2023 on Zee5, an online streaming platform. The film will be available for download in HD quality for the subscribers of Zee5. The film will also be released in theatres across India and overseas for those who want to watch it on the big screen.

If you are looking for a fun-filled and entertaining movie to watch with your family and friends, then Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi 3 is the perfect choice for you. You can watch the trailer of the film [here] and read more about the film [here] or [here]. Don't miss this comedy extravaganza that will make you laugh till your dimaagh ka dahi hogaya!

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