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Path Of Exile Sort Inventory

The sort inventory button should reorganize from the bottom up. The way you have space at the top to switch gun from hand to off hand instead of scrolling/ having to drag items all the way down to put it in its spot. Such as control left click to find items you gotta go all the way down where its at. Why not have the feature allow you to choose to reorganize using the top square first (default) or choose to organize going from the bottom square and stacking items from bottom to top. If everythings at the bottom organized you now have all this empty space at the top of your stash so actions like Control left click can now be easy items go to top and it allows easier access on flee market. Same with buying things they will be alone at the top.

path of exile sort inventory

I think it would be fair to estimate that 50% or more of my 628.8 hours playing Grim Dawn, both on and off stream, was dedicated to sorting and resorting my inventory obsessively. I would sort by item type, and then within such sorting I would further sort by size and then color. Inventory management, in itself, is a charming game and has become the system that I hold most valuable in any title that I play. But not all inventory systems are created equal.

Allowing you to sort and filter your inventory to find certain items, especially with how cluttered it can get in Path of Exile, this add-on is a perfect addition to make the game a bit more manageable.

To sleeve or not to sleeve. That is the question! Whether tis nobler to allow your cards to scuff in the name of sloth or....ah screw it. I was never good with Shakespeare anyway. I'm talking about penny sleeves here, not sleeving your deck (which is really not even optional anymore). Many players have asked my opinion on the matter, and here it is: sleeve. You should change how you sleeve based on how you're sorting, but since I like to keep multiple playsets of stuff on hand, I like to sleeve commons and uncommons four to a sleeve, and rares/mythics/power uncommons (these are all in the "rare box") in single sleeves. The reason is because I most often trade or sell commons in playsets and rares in non-playset quantities. It takes longer to inventory rares when I have to slide them out of a sleeve, but I still want them protected. It also lets me just give players their cards as they are, instead of sleeving them at the time of sale.

Once you've got your cards sorted as you need to, sleeve/binder them as you please. I don't like to keep more than a playset in a binder page or in a penny sleeve, since it stretches out the sleeve and also makes inventory more difficult. I have also found that if you want an easy way to mark a complete playset in a binder or sleeve, turn the bottom card of the set backwards. That way, you'll see the face of the card from both sides of the page or sleeve and know it's a full set. If you break the set, that's the first card you should pull out! Little hacks like this seem pointless at first, but when you implement them into your daily magical routine, you'll see some free time and energy appear seemingly out of nowhere. Remember, no matter how big your collection is, you should still treat it as a business, with profit margins, workflows, strategies and so on. I've been a big proponent of Life-Hacks (as these sorts of things are called) for a long time, so if you'd like to see more writing on the subject, please let me know in the comments. Thanks as always for your time and attention this week, and I'll talk to you soon.

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