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Perhaps your leather or faux-leather panel seems damaged beyond repair. We can match the existing material or offer a seamless replacement! Plus, our leather repairs are guaranteed not to crack, peel, or fade.


Talent makes ALL the difference. Using fine leather cleaning and restoration techniques, employed by generations of master leather-smiths, our in-house repair professionals bring our workshop to you. Ready to restore many of your vast collection contemporary and classic leather, faux-leather, vinyl, or fabric upholstery and designer furnishings.

When the professionals at Ashley Homestore Furniture, The Dump, Luxe Furniture Outlet, Gallery Furniture, and Star Furniture need expert repairs, they call us with confidence because they know they can trust us!

McDowells leather upholstery repair has 26 years of experience in the Treasure Valley. We smooth down cracks, sew up holes and re-dye the leather to its original color. Our skilled technicians can recondition your leather to bring it back to that soft feel you had when you bought it.

My repair was only scratch repair, luckily no tears in the leather. Two recliners had many years of scratches from dogs, kids, etc. With the help of the kit supplier, I was able to find the correct color in the supplied kit.Applying the color was easy and the product covered the scratches to the point they nearly disappeared.Have tried competitors solutions only to be disappointed with the results.Take a look at the before and after unretouched pix."

There are lots of players in the leather furniture and leather garment arena. However, we can say quite proudly that we actually DID get our knowledge and experience in Europe over several years, in a little town far away called Munich, Germany.

Providing Chicago and surrounding suburbs with a high quality and dependable leather repair and leather restoration service has been our focus for over 20 years. Our long list of repeat customers both commercial and residential is a testament to the level of service we provide and the quality of our work.

BUT most of all, BECAUSE DAMAGE AND WEAR AND TEAR ARE REPAIRABLE. We service leather upholstery on residential and commercial furniture, automotive interiors, aircraft interiors, walls, floors, and case goods.

What types of damage are on the leather repair list? Cuts and tears, scrapes and abrasions, punctures, split and torn seams, staining and fading, cigarette burns, bullet holes (no kidding!), ink marks, all types of pens and markers, pet damage (cats, dogs, monkeys, gerbils, rats, and mice) as well as the everyday wear and tear of family life!

The problem of stained and faded leather is very common in certain types of leather. Anilines and semi-anilines are especially prone to both. Sunlight fades leather quickly but even indirect light can fade aniline leather. but fear not some application of a light color coat and the fading can be restored.

Split seams in leather upholstery are very common. Sometimes they are caused by a design flaw in the furniture and other times they are the result of regular wear and tear. An overstressed seam will pop and unravel very quickly. Or sometimes weak thread will break and the seam will pull apart rather quickly.

A leather sofa may weather pets, children and waiting clients better than other furniture, but life still leaves marks. Weathersby Guild New Mexico will repair common leather furniture damage, such as:

Master craftsman Marty Blons has both the skill and special tools necessary to restore the condition of your leather furniture. Marty will carefully fill, grain and color the damaged area so that the repairs are virtually invisible. As part of the repair process, he will also clean, polish and moisturize your leather furniture to enhance its original luster and protect it from the hot, dry New Mexico climate.

Most leather furniture repair can be done on-site at your Albuquerque, NM home or business. To the greatest extent possible, Weathersby Guild New Mexico uses low-odor materials in the leather repair process to minimize disruption or discomfort to your family or staff.

Leather Medic is a low cost alternative to replacement. Leather Medic is a mobile service business specializing in leather repair and refinishing. We pride ourselves in our professionalism. Leather Medic is the preferred exclusive leather repair specialist for several excellent local companies. We are licensed and insured. We are on time and offer the highest quality leather repair and refinishing in Phoenix, Arizona.

Leather Medic of Phoenix, Arizona offers cleaning, conditioning, refinishing, repairing and re-dying of all types of leather in your home, automobile, boat, aircraft, medical facility, restaurant and office.

Ray's Leather Repair has been taking before and after photos of every job since the early 2000's. It started when it was required for the warranty repairs. It also insures each job meets the standard of quality we guarantee.

Ray is a well respected leather repair technician. Since 1997, Ray has been specializing in residential and commercial repairs. His notable skilled eye and attention to detail has left a reputation unforgotten.

If the appearance of your leather looks worn down from years of normal daily use, sun fading, pets,or any other of life's mishaps call Precision Leather Restoration to schedule an appointment for a free evaluation and quote on our superior refinishing services. Refinishing your leather will save you from having to make expensive replacement decisions for a very reasonable price. Click on image to see larger view

Precision Leather Restoration provides on site leather repair services for typical damage like; loss of color, pet damage, scratches, scuffs, cuts, rips, cracks, tears, punctures, burns, and stains, on leather and vinyl. Our process includes deep cleaning and moisturizing your leather to keep it supple. When the repairs are completed we custom color match for a final re-dyeing and finishing step.

We provide these services for the three most widely purchased types of top grain full grain leather; Aniline, Finished (protected) and NuBuck leathers. Other types of materials like bonded or split hide leather are repairable to some extent, but we advise customers to think about replacing this type of leather with top grain full grain leather furniture.

Restoring leather is not a permanent process, however if our evaluation of your leather meets our approval for the restoration process we have the ability to dramatically improve the appearance of your leather furniture or auto interior extending the use and enjoyment of these items. Normal use of your leather and a small amount of cleaning - moisturizing maintenance we will train you to perform will help you realize the value in your investments by extending the life of these items.

Conveniently located in Dallas, Precision Leather Restoration should be your first choice for Furniture Leather Repair in Dallas, Leather Chair Repair in Fort Worth, Leather Sofa Repair in Plano, or leather restoration services all across the DFW Metroplex. We offer our onsite leather repair services to the following cities in the Dallas / Fort Worth area:

I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to get on-site service for my leather couch and two leather chairs. The estimate and appointment were set up promptly and Nerijus did a fantastic job on cleaning what I thought were impossible-to-remove stains. My leather looks beautiful again, and all for such a reasonable price. Will use Guardsman again!

In addition to cleaning your couch, make sure to apply a stain guard or protective cream formulated for leather upholstery. This will help protect the leather against any stains that might occur down the road and lessen their impact.

Using a leather cleaner/preserver is one of the best ways to slow down oxidation. Fibers will break down at a slower rate if the leather is kept both clean and moisturized. Before applying any cleaner to leather, always make sure to check the manufacturing label in case there are specific cleaning instructions.

Similar to ink, grease and oil are no friends of leather. This is a shame, seeing as how eating fries, pizza and wings on a couch are a great American pastime. If you catch the stain quickly, you should only need an absorbent powder to do the trick. Before applying something like baking soda or talcum powder, use a cloth to absorb as much of the grease as possible. Then apply the powder and let it sit overnight. The powder should ultimately help lift the grease from the leather. In the morning, simply brush off the powder.

Instead, you can take care of it yourself with a leather repair kit. These kits are easy to use, can match the color and feel of the original leather, and use quality material that lasts as long as the surrounding leather, sometimes even longer. When it comes to choosing the best leather repair kit, quality dictates results. Read on for more information about leather repair kits and our top picks.

First and foremost, you need to verify that the leather repair kit you choose can match the color of the original material, or at least be within a range of acceptable difference. Leather repair kits come in several different color styles:

Different leather repair kits can be used to fix all kinds of furniture mishaps. Some kits can be used for virtually every type of leather damage, from cuts, rips, and burns to scratches, discoloration, and stains. However, most leather repair kits have specific intended uses, including kits for cuts and tears, abrasions and scratches, cracking, burns, and color renewal.

In addition, some leather repair kits are made for repairing specific types of leather products, such as genuine leather, Italian leather, bonded leather, bicast leather, PU leather, pleather, vinyl, and so on. So double-check the leather repair kit you choose to make sure that it is rated for use with your original material. 041b061a72

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