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Walking Around With Dildo In Pussy

That kind of vibrator is definitely different than a squishy-soft silicone plug! Those are more about squeeeeezing your muscles around them and moving toward orgasmic contractions (hopefully!) that way. Along with a Womanizer is great; We-Vibe Melt is my favorite air-pulse suction toy because it has that Womanizer blowing technology but it curves more naturally around my pubic mound.

walking around with dildo in pussy

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Is it normal for girls to walk around with dildos and butt plugs in them i new a girl who all day walks around with a dildo in her and butt plug in her butt any other girls do that why any where and for how long.... do you have prof of if

Last year in school there was a little short girl named Cynthia who looked short and young but she was 17 years old and she looked like she was 10 and she sometimes had a buttplug up her butt when we were in class, 1 time after school me and her stayed for after school gym and we i was lifting weights and she was jogging around the gym and exercising on the exercise bike that a person pedals on, then we were done and we walked out and left and we were walking in the hall way and she asked me if wanted to see something and I said what and she said something cool, and I had no idea what she was talking about until she pulled her pants down and then she pulled her panties down and turned around and I saw her naked butt, and then I said what it's just a butt, and then she bent over and then I saw a buttplug sticking out of her butt, and then I said you have a buttplug in your butt all day and she said yes that it feels good, then she asked me if I wanted to smell it, and I said yes why not, then she pulled it out of her butt and put it under my nose and it smelled like ass, I thought it would smell like nothing since she was a girl and I thought she was clean, she asked me if it smelled good and I said yes, then she smelled it and she said eww no it doesn't, then she bent over and spread her butt open and I saw her butthole and she asked me if her butthole was stretched out and I said it was regular size, then she told me she'll give me 20 dollars to if I smelled her butt with no panties on, and I said yes then I got on my nose and she put her naked butt in my face and I put my nose between her butt and I smelled it and it smelled like her butt needed to be washed it was sweaty and stinky, then I got up and she put the buttplug back in her butt and her panties and her pants back on and we walked outside and she asked me if I enjoyed the way her butt smells and I said yes I told her that her butt was smelly but it made me horny, her butt smelled like that because she was sweating after leaving the gym, then she told me that she likes her butt to smell like it should, then the next day came and she didn't have the buttplug in her butt because she said that she was giving her butthole a break

That's seriously hot and I bet most, if not all guys wish this were something a lot of women do. However, in real life, I'm sure very, very few women do this. It would basically be the female equivalent to jerking off in a secluded, yet public area which not very many do. Most people are very, very uncomfortable doing anything sexual in a public place. I'm sure there will be people on here disagreeing with me since we're on isitnormal, but I don't think this is common. However, I did vote yes on this because it's quite the sexy idea, a woman walking around with a buttplug in her ass and a dildo in her pussy just walking around like that damn. I got a huge boner just thinking about that :)

I'm a guy and I went shopping at Walmart with a vibrating egg up my ass. It was attached by a cord to the control in my pocket. As I was standing in the checkout line between two young women I had my hand in my pocket adjusting the speed up and down. They were looking around trying to locate the source of the buzzing sound, but I don't know if they figured it out. If they had looked down at the front of my pants they would have noticed the growing wet spot from my precum. It was erotic to realize they must recognize that sound, and maybe they're getting turned on also!

My ex used to love it when i would go to work with a dildo or vibrator in, once he even bought one with a remote. Anyway i don't think it's normal for everyday and all the time but just for a few sexy times with your boy, yeah maybe.

im not rilly sure if i would say that this is normal for a girl to walk around with buttplug. i never seen a female walking around with a plug not 1 time. hell even the girls that i slept with never used a plug for me. but i wont say that it would not be fun.

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Do not, and I repeat, do not jump into anal penetration with something large like a penis or dildo. Your butt is not up for that challenge. The anal sphincter is the muscle ringing the anus that keeps it nice and taught to prevent poop from slipping out at inopportune moments. It does not naturally expand the way the vagina does, so you need to work your way up to big objects.

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